UPMRKT dominates the 2015 South African eCommerce Awards with 5 of the stores they developed taking TOP 50 positions. They are extremely proud of this accolade as it proves the successful formula that their clients are receiving from their team. Their strategy is focused around developing designer solutions calculated around customer needs, top notch technology and the sharing of 13 years of South African eCommerce experience.

Simplicity.co.za has been nominated in the awards for 9 years making it stand out as one of the oldest online stores in South Africa. Simplicity’s commitment to offering consumers quality, premium brands at affordable prices has cemented its position in the ecommerce market. Driven by their passion towards customer service they have achieved award winning status since 2003.

Madameboudoir.co.za is South Africa’s most sophisticated online adult boutique. They have been in operation since 2008 and have consistently strived towards maintaining an upmarket, secure environment that allows customers to feel comfortable to buy the products they want, they focus on quality products by reputable international brands and ensure discreet shipping to the customer. Madameboudoir.co.za is the first Adult store to ever be nominated in the eCommerec Awards.

ItsAboutTime.co.za presents an eTail space for consumers to buy genuine designer watches. With so many grey market, black market and replica designer goods available in the online space it is great to see such a positive response by consumers wanting to buy genuine designer product online.

Ozziebojangles.com  is a childrens clothing site that currently focuses on premium custom made cotton sleepwear. We have seen the craft revolution enter the e-commerce space successfully over the last 12 months allowing the small business owner that is focused on handmade items to present their passions into the open market without the support of major retailers behind them.

Kitchenchef.co.za is an upmarket kitchen store that offers premium international brands teamed up with great service and a passion for quality kitchen products. The online kitchen market has been dominated by a major competitor since 2006, it is great to see that there is always opportunity for passionate business owners to enter the market and be successful despite the major players dominating the space.

With over 200 entrants into the awards they ecstatic to see their clients benefitting on a national scale from their winning formula.

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