Introducing: Facebook Dynamic Ads

We have been actively testing out various marketing platforms and services to bring you cost effective marketing solutions. We have recently implemented Facebook Dynamic Product Ads for one of our customers and have found the remarketing on Facebook to be very effective.

We have provided a brief overview on what Facebook Dynamic Product Ads can do for your business (YouTube video included). Should you wish to implement this into your website and fire-up the campaign, please feel free to contact us to discuss this opportunity further.

Facebook dynamic ads helps you promote relevant products to shoppers browsing your product catalog on your website or mobile app.

  • Scale: Promote all of your products with unique creative without having to configure each individual ad
  • Always-on: Set up your campaigns once and continually reach people with the right product at the right time
  • Cross-device: Reach people with ads on any device they use, regardless of their original touchpoint for your business
  • Highly relevant: Show people ads for products they are interested in order to increase their likelihood to purchase

Whats required (setup): 

  • XML Product Catalog Module
  • Product Catagog Setup
  • Facebook Ad Account
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Dynamic Ad Template (Ad Text, Call-to-Action: Shop Now)